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   In Conjuction Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Anniversary RYL2 Neverwinter (26 July to 6 Ogos2014), we will release special donation item promotion..Below was list of promotion and player can refer from the list :-

    1) - V1 plus                                                                   = RM150.
    2) - Equipment/weapon gold                                        = RM100
    3) - Equipment/dark volcano                                         = RM130
    4) - Full set dark volcano complete (No Ring/Neck)       = RM400
    5) - Full set viper complete(No Ring/Neck)                    = RM350
    6) - Set Armor/Helm SE (white/orange/red+black)        = RM200
    7) - Set Armor/Helm 3rd (pink/cyan/black)                    = RM150
    8) - Set Armor/Helm 2nd (purple/brown/yellow)           = RM100
    9) - Pant sleve & boot glove gold                                 = RM100
    10) - Pant sleve & boot glove dark volcano                  = RM180
    11) - 2000 din2 stone = RM70

    *Upgrade Speed Boot Glove / Pant Sleve gold             = RM80
    *Upgrade 2nd > 3rd                                                     = RM80
    *Upgrade 2nd > SE                                                      = RM120
    *Upgrade SE > viper                                                    = RM150
    *Upgrade viper > dark volcano                                    = RM80
    *Exchange weapon gold > weapon dark volcano        = 1pcs RM30 2pcs RM50

selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir & batin

   Event Ramadhan 2014 27/06/2014

1)-Fame 2x Every Weekend
2)-Event Hunting Special EQ KR/MK Start 26/June/2014 - 20/July/2014
3)-GPV, New Farm Place Potion Bottle (G)

-Player need hunt Special EQ KR/MK from monster Gnoll Prince/Gnoll Knight at map 3 and collect as many u can and u can redeem reward but depend with number of Special EQ KR/MK u collect.
As usual redemption only can be process on monday.Below was list of reward for redemption and player can refer.
1)100 Special EQ KR/MK = 500 din2
2)200 Special EQ KR/MK = 1k din2+helm naga normal
3)300 Special EQ KR/MK = 1.5k din2+black naga up
4)400 Special EQ KR/MK = 2k din2+helm 2nd
5)500 Special EQ KR/MK = 3k din+weapon SP PHC
   NW List of Donation 02/04/2014

Below was list of Nw donation,player can refer for donation 

800pcs Din-Din Stone                                   RM100
Equipment/Weapon Gold                               RM150
Equipment Special Fhc                                 RM100
Armor SE (White/Orange/Red+Black)            RM200
Helmet SE (White/Orange/Red+Black)           RM200
Armor Santa 3rd (Pink/Cyan/Black)               RM150
Helmet 3rd (Pink/Cyan/Black)                       RM150
Full Set 2nd                                                RM200
Pant/Sleves 2nd                                          RM120
Boot/Glove 2nd                                           RM120
Helmet Bnaga/                                            RM80
Ring Of Neverwinter (RON +50)                   RM180
Abomy/Ring Bahamut/Victor (Each)               RM100
Armor Santa Red                                         RM50
Armor Santa Blue                                         RM70
Armor Santa Green                                      RM90

V3 Neck upgrade(New Donation) RM250
(Release Soon)

*Exchange item(2 item)                                   RM50
*Exchange Item (Change Job)                    RM100
 +RON 2x                           &nbs

   V1Plus Neck 26/01/2014

Below was link for list of stat Neck V1Plus,player can review this link(Check stat of neck by class) and price for V1Plus neck RM250 and for player have V3 neck or Abomy max u can swap price will charge RM200.


Format sms for donation.


Sms NW ID,Char Name,V1Plus Defender,DATE,TIME,RM,Maybank

send to
0149713539 Or 011-11554550 (SMM ONLY)


   Full Client&patch 09/06/2013


Player Nw&kratos can download this link Full Client&Patch and enjoy the games

Full Client & pacth :-

-Download and target extract to C drive>>Program files


Latest Patch -

download&extract target to Rylneverwnter folder


   List Of Kratos Donation 06/06/2013
list donation kratos
Below was list for Kratos server donation:
    700pcs Din-Din Stone                                     RM100
    Large Gems - 3k                                             RM10
    Giant Gems - 3k                                            RM10
    Antonium - 5k                                                RM10
    TOB - 6k                                                      RM10
    4B Gold Coupon - 8pcs                                   RM10
    Repair Item (2 Stat)                                       RM50
    Exchange Item (Change Class)                       RM30
   Sms Format & Account Detail 15/11/2011

Effective 14th August Kindly Use This Account & Sms Format For Any Transaction For Donation ;)

Account Server :-

114085771444  (ZAITON TANI) MayBank

Example SMS:For donation :-

Server Neverwinter

Server Kratos
Sms NW Kratos ID,Char Name,DONATION,DATE,TIME,RM,Maybank

send to 0149713539 (sms only)


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